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2024 Trends in Access Equipment: What to Expect

New Year has officially come and gone. 2024 is well and truly underway, and now that January is concluding, we at Castle Access have noticed some key access equipment trends that will influence the trajectory of this industry for the rest of the year.

Explore lift equipment trends like technology integration, a focus on sustainability, and a spike in anticipated market growth with the experts from Castle Access.


The Tech Wave: Technology Integration

As with many other sectors this year, one of the most prominent trends in the access equipment sector is the integration of cutting-edge technology. 2024 spells the adoption of smart features and advanced functionalities across many commercial and industrial sectors, meaning access equipment trends will fall in line with these to stay up to date on demand.

Telematics is a growing field in access equipment, playing an increasingly crucial role in enhancing fleet management, providing real-time equipment performance data and usage and maintenance needs.

On top of that, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are set to revolutionise predictive maintenance. For crews and companies that choose to adopt these into their fleet management strategies, it will be easier than ever to minimise downtime while extending the lifespan of access equipment. Not only is this excellent for safety, but it also invites significant cost savings for you and your organisation.

At Castle Access, we prioritise finding the right piece of equipment for each individual job. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. As technologies continue to evolve and be adopted in 2024, we’re ready and able to make the best recommendations for access equipment hire accordingly.

Enjoy tailored access to the best lift equipment in the business, backed by professionals with extensive experience in your industry.


The Green Line: A Sustainability Focus

Environmental consciousness continues to grow as the years progress, and the access equipment industry is emphasising sustainability in 2024. We anticipate a surge in sustainable equipment hire, including developing and deploying new access equipment options to meet this growing demand.

One of the major trends we expect to see in this space is a spike in battery-powered access equipment or bio-oil solutions. Battery-powered equipment heavily reduces harmful emissions, while bio-oil is a versatile re-fuelling option with low ecotoxicity.

Depending on the particular needs of your project, you might choose one or the other. The point is to be able to put sustainable values at the forefront of your project without compromising on budget, deadline, or the quality of the machinery.

At Castle Access, we’re proud to provide a wide range of access machinery that aligns with the sustainable options developers want to see in 2024. From battery-powered scissor lifts to bio-fuel options for various pieces of equipment, we use our years of experience to carefully curate reliable options that suit you, our client. Enjoy the assurance that comes with using quality equipment while benefiting from the sustainable options, too.


Bigger Fish: Anticipated Market Growth

Commercial, industrial, and residential development is seeing a massive boom in New Zealand, and Castle Access anticipates this will continue throughout 2024. 2020 put economies around the world on the back foot, but four years on, they’ve all had the chance to recover. As a result, the demand for well-priced access equipment across industries is spiking.

The construction industry is one of the biggest contributors to this growth in the lift equipment sector. In New Zealand, urban centres and rural sites are becoming more developed. Efficient access for urbanisation, commercial construction, and vital infrastructure upgrades are receiving top billing. On top of that, e-commerce continues to grow, requiring the expansion of logistics systems and further warehouse automation.

Altogether, these trends are creating significant growth in demand for specialised access equipment (whether designed for material handling solutions or construction). To meet this increasing demand, the access equipment market must also expand and evolve.

Castle Access is ready to meet these needs, providing expert advice backed by years of experience. From mast lifts to rough terrain scissor lifts, the Castle Access team pairs you with the ideal piece of equipment for your needs. Whether you’re building a fleet or need a supplemental piece of machinery to get your project over the line, we have the equipment to keep you and your crew safe while working at various heights.

Now that you know which lift equipment trends to expect from the year ahead, all that’s left to do is prepare. Reach out to the Castle Access team to begin your journey to a well-rounded fleet to kick off 2024.


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