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Comparing Scissor Lifts: Electric vs. Diesel

Do your daily tasks require you to navigate heights and hard-to-reach areas? If the answer is yes, you will likely need to employ a scissor lift at some point. Scissor lifts are named for the cross-shaped lifting mechanism design, which folds down for compact, convenient storage. 

This practical, versatile piece of equipment is designed to simplify reaching elevated and varying heights safely and efficiently. With ample workspace and greater lifting capacity than boom lifts, they are a terrific option for construction, events, warehousing, industrial maintenance, and other industries.

If you want to hire equipment for your worksite, consider which of the two main scissor lift types—electric or diesel — is best suited for your project. Both lifts boast impressive features and are excellent choices for specific tasks. 

Read on to discover the advantages of each and simplify your decision. 

Why Use Scissor Lifts?

Scissor lifts are reliable, adaptable pieces of equipment that can help you create a more efficient workflow. Whether your worksite is inside or outside, this diverse machine proves its worth. 

Discover the key advantages of using a scissor lift below. It should be noted that outdoor use of scissor lifts depends on the level of ground hazards and the weather conditions.

  • Mobility: Small and lightweight, they have excellent maneuverability, making them perfect for moving through narrow doorways and into compact spaces.   
  • Functionality: Thanks to their large platform area, they feature an ample working space which can accommodate both workers and equipment, enhancing productivity.
  • User-friendly: A simple mechanism makes these easy to operate, including independently.
  • Stability: Their technical design ensures a stable platform that improves safety and enables workers to comfortably move around the platform without losing balance or overreaching. 

Electric Scissor Lifts 

An electric scissor lift could be a great fit if your business values operational efficiency and reduced energy usage. This type of machine is quiet, affordable to run and environmentally friendly. It can be used for internal and external applications but shines with indoor usage. 

Pros Of Electric Scissor Lifts

Below is a summary of the many benefits of adding an electric scissor lift to your equipment fleet. 

  • Emission-Free: Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint will be thrilled to learn that electric scissor lifts produce zero emissions during operation. They also minimise your environmental impact, making them well-suited for indoor applications with limited ventilation. 
  • Reduced Noise: Without the loud purring of a petrol or diesel engine, electric scissor lifts emit minimal sound. Their low noise levels make them excellent for indoor settings or urban environments where disruption is discouraged.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Electric engines contain fewer components than diesel ones, which means they are easier to keep running smoothly with only minor maintenance required. They also demand less maintenance than their diesel counterparts. 
  • Maximum Efficiency: Electric scissor lifts ensure improved productivity and performance as they generally require less repairs and maintenance. Additionally, with constant improvements in battery technology, they can often complete a job without requiring intermittent charging. 
  • Cost-Effective: Financially, electric scissor lifts are associated with lower operating expenses throughout their lifecycle due to a lack of fuel costs and minimal maintenance. 

Diesel Scissor Lifts 

Traditional diesel-powered scissor lifts are different from the electric type. They offer a level of strength and versatility that is desirable in outdoor environments with flat, even surfaces or for paved areas.

Pros Of Diesel Scissor Lifts

Diesel-powered scissor lifts carry a range of benefits, too. 

  • Impressive Range: Diesel scissors lifts have powerful lifting capabilities in terms of both reach and strength. If you are looking to reach exceptional heights, this type of scissor lift has an unmatched height capacity. 
  • Versatility: Arguably their most valuable asset, diesel scissors lifts adeptly traverse outdoor terrain and even come in rough-terrain models for particularly rugged applications. You can comfortably navigate interior and exterior worksites with high clearance and a robust design.
  • Continuous Operation: Providing fuel is available, diesel scissor lifts offer the potential for uninterrupted run-time. When the fuel tank does empty, operation needn’t be delayed – simply refuel and get moving. 

Choosing The Right Scissor Lift For The Job

Armed with the details of the two core scissor lift types, you now have the necessary knowledge to select the right equipment for your project. Ultimately, choosing between electric and diesel scissor lifts comes down to the requirements of your project and your company’s objectives. Consider the benefits of both machines and how this will impact your worksite and the job ahead, then get in touch to arrange a hire. 

Still can’t decide? The friendly team at Castle Access NZ is here to meet all your equipment rental requirements. Call us for expert recommendations if you need assistance choosing the right lift. 

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