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The Top 5 Uses of a Cherry Picker

Cherry Pickers, also called Boom Lifts, are aerial work platforms offering a safe and efficient solution for working at heights. Cherry Pickers are widely used across multiple industries to access elevated areas that might otherwise prove to be hazardous or challenging to reach. Hiring a Cherry Picker for your business can serve multiple purposes. With some clever planning, you can utilise these highly manoeuvrable and flexible machines as a fantastic asset for your bottom line – and for the safety of your team.

These kinds of machines require a fairly heft outlay, and you will need to spend good time and money on keeping them up to spec as the health and safety repercussions of letting scheduled maintenance slide doesn’t bear thinking about. This is why many businesses choose to hire a Cherry Picker on an as-needed basis. Read on as we chat about five top ways you can use your Cherry Picker hire, highlighting its utility in enhancing safety, productivity, and efficiency across all sorts of different work environments.

360-Degree Turret Rotation

Before discussing the five top uses of a Cherry Picker and discovering a few industries that will benefit most from having this machinery at their disposal when needed, let’s talk about rotation.

When working at height, you want to make sure you are making the best use of your day, as getting up and down from height costs you time. This means positioning yourself so you do not constantly have to lift your platform to reach behind, over or around obstacles. So, it stands to reason that when you are looking to take full advantage of every moment in the air, you need excellent turret rotation.

When you opt to hire a Knuckle Boom Lift (Cherry Picker) from Castle Access, you get a 360-degree Turret Rotation, making it great in a tight spot and useful for below-ground work. This versatile turret rotation is also paired with a 160-degree platform rotation capacity, making this Cherry Picker an extremely useful piece of machinery to have on-site – especially if it’s just visiting and you know it will arrive at your site fully serviced and safe.

Maintenance Work

When it comes to maintenance work carried out at height, you simply can’t go past the Cherry Picker as an invaluable addition to your day. If you are working as a commercial window cleaner, you need to clear gutters or change the lightbulbs on a set of streetlights or work to maintain telecommunication towers; a Cherry Picker with a vertical reach of over 20 metres and a horizontal reach of around 12 metres will be indispensable.

Construction Sites

For construction sites, hiring a Cherry Picker to address those tasks where you would normally need to put up a scaffolding means you have a safer, more portable option at your disposal. You could even go for an open-centre knuckle riser design, which will give you improved visibility within a more compact design. 

For below-ground work, a Cherry Picker with an upgraded extreme environment package will ensure your team stay safe, and once the walls are up on your project, you can switch to an electric model to offset diesel fumes when you are using your Cherry Picker indoors.

Event Production

Cherry Pickers have many uses across live music, weddings, sports events, and film and media. Alongside setting up rigs and stage props at height, these versatile machines are also great for capturing captivating aerial shots for movies, TV shows, and commercials. A Cherry Picker is also ideal for installing decorations or lights in commercial areas or public spaces.

You can add perspective, excitement and depth to your scene when you incorporate aerial shots and Cherry Pickers that incorporate camera mounts provide a wonderfully stable platform for camera people to shoot a wide range of angles, enabling them to create stunning visuals. When you use a Cherry Picker that is built for rugged terrain with a 360-degree turret rotation, you can pick up some fantastically dynamic tracking shots with smoother camera movements.

Tree Maintenance and Landscaping

For arborists and landscaping professionals, cherry pickers are invaluable for tree maintenance and landscaping tasks, providing a stable platform and the ability to manoeuvre around branches and buildings when necessary. When you are looking at trimming or pruning trees at home, hiring a cherry picker will ensure you stay safe and the job will get done much faster – leaving your weekend free for much more interesting pursuits!

Sign & Billboard Installation

For workers who are installing signs at billboards at height, nothing works better than a Cherry Picker. The work quality will improve with a more stable platform, and installations will likely speed up. These kinds of tasks come with all sorts of challenges, especially from the weather, so ensuring your team is best placed to get things done safely within an optimum time frame makes sense.

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