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Top Features to Look for in Mast Lifts

Mast lifts are excellent equipment for numerous industries, including construction, arboriculture, and warehousing. Similar to a scissor lift, they enable the safe vertical raising of workers or materials to maximise workplace efficiency. If you are considering adding new equipment to your fleet, read on to discover the essential mast lift features you should look out for. 


Time is crucial on any job site, so you should first consider how user-friendly the mast lift is. Simple equipment accelerates processes and boosts productivity. Several elements allow for rapid learning and easy use of machinery, such as joysticks or similar controls that enable precise movement. Look for a mast lift with a simple assembly process for efficient set-up.  

When you hire mast lifts from Castle Access NZ, you receive an optional free training tutorial so you can operate with maximum confidence. 


Worksites often contain compact areas that are difficult to navigate in large, cumbersome machinery. With a physically small design and tight turning radius, mast lifts will be extremely valuable, enabling you to move through narrow passages and confined areas. Responsive steering will maximise manoeuvrability, allowing workers to rotate easily and execute work at a high standard. 


A mast lift’s main purpose is elevating workers to high areas that are otherwise difficult to get to. For this reason, your mast lift should have a good reach length. Make sure you check the maximum reach before settling on your chosen mast lift. At Castle Access NZ, our hireable mast lifts have an impressive 6-metre working height.


A mast lift that can be used for a range of tasks will be a big asset. Whether you are a warehouse worker trying to reach high shelving or an electrician installing lighting fixtures, there are numerous add-ons and modifications that make a mast lift more suited to a variety of needs. These could be attachable baskets, slide-away platforms that provide easy access to the machine’s components, trays for additional tools, or similar features. 

Noise Level

If you require equipment for use in an area where minimal noise is preferred, seek out mast lift features that enable quiet operation to reduce disturbances. 

Safety Features

Safety is key in any workplace, and all equipment should have relevant safety features. Ensure you check for some of the following features. 

  • Fall Protection
  • Any elevated equipment can pose a risk of falling from height, but adequate mast lift features such as guard rails mitigate this. Non-slip platforms are also important, as these provide greater traction even in slippery conditions. The addition of safety gates allows workers to enter and exit the machine securely.
  • Load Capacity
  • Consider how much weight the lift can safely hold. It must be able to accommodate your workers and any tools or equipment without surpassing the recommended capacity threshold. Overloading any machine is a danger, and mast lifts are no different.
  • Auto Brakes
  • Mast lifts should have an automatic braking mechanism that kicks into gear during power cuts or other specific situations. This system will stop runaway machinery and the potential for rolling or rapid de-escalation, which can cause personal injury to your workers. Our mask lift rentals include a robust auto-braking mechanism for your peace of mind. 
  • Emergency Features
  • Specific safety precautions are essential in the unlikely event of an emergency. A well-equipped mast lift will include a controlled emergency lowering system so all workers can safely descend and evacuate the machine. 

 Choose Castle Access For Quality Mast Lift Rentals

If you are looking for high-quality mast lift hire in Auckland, look no further than Castle Access NZ. As one of Auckland’s leading access equipment companies, our friendly team is here to help. 

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to assist you in your decision-making. As a New Zealand-owned and operated business, we take extra care in delivering outstanding results. We work closely with our clients to find the right fit for your needs, whether you are looking for mast lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts or other equipment. 

We stock a selection of premium equipment in excellent condition, suitable for a range of applications. Our high-quality mast lifts are supplied by Skyjack, the leading designer and manufacturer of self-propelled aerial work platforms since 1986. With a mission to supply the most reliable, quality products in the global industry, Skyjack delivers outstanding items with the best life cycle on the market. 

We are proud to offer affordable rates to our valued customers and are pleased to discuss any unique requirements with you. Our goal is to help you reach new heights, so contact us today to enhance your work processes.

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